Cruz Invertida

by Dragonauta

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released June 6, 2010

Topo Armetta: bass and vokills
Alejandro Gomez: guitars
Daniel Libedinsky: guitars
Ariel Solito: Drums



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Dragonauta Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: Muerte y Destrucción
Un soldado,
mil batallas
no puede ganar.
Un guerrero,
mil tormentos
y no oye el rumor la muerte
Dios del fuego
Va sembrando terror...
Te odio
... muerte y destrucción...
Track Name: World of Violence
Masterpiece of mass-destruction
all our powers going wrong
We, men of violence, follow the madness
with pain and hate, we can have it all
We are like vultures, I’m the abyss
searching for flesh, we fear what’s above
We, the mad man, follow her sunburn
with violence we can get it all...
Pain-blood-lack of empathy
World of violence and sacrifice

World of violence. ..
Track Name: Montañas de Sangre
Tengo marcas del pasado
que no escondo más
Sí... y mi acento odiado
y soy amigo del diablo

Desde lejos veo
a mi oscuro pueblo.
Dolor y sangre
en mis montañas.
Mi vida está en un auto
que maneja satán...

…y me dejo llevar!
Track Name: Black Venom
You shouldn’t laugh at me
or my false prophets
tired horses we are
power blinded by black stars
The hurricane shocked me
the wind took my mind along
rays of lightning
we are awake, ghost sons
Blind, we’re all blind
black venom, it will hurt me
make us all blind... your black venom...
Track Name: Cruz Invertida / Altar Penumbra
God’s not true
I have the sinner’s damnation
destroyer of youth...

Listen, I don’t wanna be redeemed
Listen, I just feel like freeing my soul

Like a warrior,
conqueror of the mountain.
Altar of blood
won’t reflect the sky.
Track Name: Poseidon´s Blood
Dad’s eternal lies, gonna leave us all mad
God’s twisted mind, is leaving me blind
There is no way to hide my sins
with cobras, creeping on.... my bed
Poseidon almagthy sees
that I'm swimming through blood
We will never realize
the smile of God hide some lies
paradise hold stains,
and we all go to hell…
Track Name: God Half Blind
You’ll forget all the fire
When we move to the sun
There is no place
For human race
between heaven and hell
My eyes are blinking
With the secrets of a God half blind
Now I can see… what fire means
On our way to hell
I’m neither a monk nor a preacher
So I don't have to believe
in gods, in evil, in you...
Yesterday’s gone,
the wind still blows.
Time is war inside our heads....
Yesterday’s gone, your time is gone.
Track Name: Lux de Marte
Mirando hacia Marte en busca de Dios
que me haga más fuerte, que muera por vos.
Rojo sangre en las cenizas,
planeta de tumbas que tapan el sol.

Basta de buscar a Dios en Marte,
hoy concentrarme en lo que realmente sos:
un puñado de mentiras.
Yo sigo invocando un milagro de vos.
Track Name: El Monje
..and if I really tell you
what to think
what’s on my mind
I’m sure you’ll end up pretty scared